Fruit Ninja

"…kids, don’t try this at home"
An Autumn Rainbow

"Like a rain’s parting gift to sunshine, Summer leaves its last legacy to Winter”
Give Me A Sign

"Help me, I’ve come undone Out of the light of the sun I’ll keep you alive if you show me the way Just give me a sign There’s something buried in the words…”                                            -Benjamin Burnley, Breaking Benjamin
So Until Then, So Long Summer

"I’ll miss the warmth of her touch, The memories etched deep in my heart. This is not her home, she has places to be, But a promise left she’ll come back for me”
Grapey Humor

Baby grape: "Look papa! No hands" :DBrother grape: "Help! we’re gonna fall" D:Papa grape: "Don’t worry you’re seedless" :(Baby & Brother grape: :O
A Broken Visage

"The more of me you try to change, The less of me I really become”
Through The Grapevine

"Would you whisper me your inner most thoughts? Your most cherished memories? Your most precious secrets? What you share I will treasure as if it were my own”

"My life’s a painting I’ve done blind With each brush stroke you’ll watch me blur every solid line Over this canvas I have stood with no one left beside me No one to decide if it’s good So I will sing and you will hear me And join the chorus so we can start again Our voices raised are flawed but freeing Our souls so we can change and start again”                                             -Matt MacDonald, The Classic Crime
Lead The Way

“The load unbearable, The path treacherous, The destination inconceivable. Under these conditions It is still only forwards in which remains viable”
The Shadow Proves The Sunshine

“Sunshine, won’t you be my mother Sunshine, come and help me sing My heart is darker than these oceans My heart is frozen underneath Hold fast to the break of day light  Where the shadow proves the sunshine Shine on me, Let my shadows prove the sunshine”                                            -Jon Foreman, Switchfoot